• Manta supports talents and we support Manta

    Our Agency is a coordinator of this project and watches over the competition for everyone who has talent for:

    • - making jokes that remain in the memory for a long time,
    • - making even the most gloomy sourpusses laugh,
    • - to creating beautiful, funny and original wallpapers for tablets and phones.

    In cooperation with the Organiser, we created a website, competition rules and made sure that each talented person gets a chance to show his/her abilities in front of a really wide audience.

    More about the contest on http://www.wspieramytalenty.pl/

  • Internet Creation

    We do not create art for art’s sake…

    Our website projects are not only in line with the latest web design but also, or perhaps above all, effective. Apart from visual function they will help you acquire customers. Is that not what business is about?

  • Digital marketing

    Digital media is way more than just pure entertainment…

    It is the biggest database of potential customers of your company. We will help you reach them and encourage them to cooperate. Sounds tempting?

  • Social

    And you, how many friends do you have on Facebook?

    The truth is that what matters is not the number – it is the quality. Turn your friends into customers. Don’t know how? Well, we do. Technologies

  • Technologies

    Do you know the 3-times-yes rule?

    Yes – we are up-to-date with latest technologies
    Yes – we are ahead of our competition by following technological novelties and implementing them in our daily work
    Yes – you do want to use our competencies to pursue your business goals, and we do want to be used

  • Search

    Prepare yourself for customer invasion…

    Thanks to effectiveness of our marketing activities your website will soon become unbeatable. We show your potential customers just one, right direction – your company.

  • Mobile

    What do men usually have in their pockets?

    Mobile phones obviously. That is precisely why thanks to mobile applications and websites compatible with Responsive Web Design your customer will find you anywhere he or she needs to. Enough to dig into one’s pocket…

  • Dedicated applications

    Information, entertainment, friends…

    We create custom-made apps but also ones accounting for your customers’ expectations. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will tell you how to go about it.

  • E-commerce

    Time is money…

    And time spent on traditional shopping is a double waste of money. We know that and so do your customers. It is high time that you realise that too.

  • WOMM

    No publicity is bad publicity?

    It is only partly true. You will set tongues wagging thanks to us because we know exactly what to say, and what is most important, to whom and how to say it so that our message reaches the widest audience. Are you ready for the inflow of new customers?

  • Client service

    In the days of “pros”…

    We rely on open communication, partnership, professional approach to each order, and our activities are never random. Hosting

  • Hosting

    Are you looking for your place on the web?

    We have booked it for you. Do not immure yourself. It is high time to spring into existence. Let others find you in the virtual world of business. Visual identification

  • Visual identification

    Can you imagine a man without a face?

    So do not imagine a company without visual identification. We will ensure that your company is recognizable and will fall in memory for a long time. Is that not a key to success?

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We are not looking for superheroes

And do not expect miracles. But if you want to be one of us you must be SuperCompetent, SuperPunctual and SuperEarnest. We’re simply looking for SuperWorkers. superbohaterowie@onedot.pl